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Our series of road and trail events are spread through the south of England are all unique; whether it is running around the country estate of the Marquis of Bath at Longleat through the vineyards of Denbies Vineyard for the Bacchus Marathon or around the famous Farnborough airfield at the Winter Half these are all top notch events which attract rave reviews and hundereds of returning runners, year after year. In addition to our UK Events, we organise World Marathon Majors and Overseas Events.
Overseas Running Events

The World is a vast and wonderful place and discovering it on foot is the way to do it. Overseas races can range from just a few hundred intrepid adventurers discovering a hidden mountain gem, such as Bhutan, to 50,000 runners making their way around the streets of major cities like New York. Run in incredible landscapes; the Ice Cap in Greenland, on the Great Wall of China, in a Game Park in Africa or through the Himalayas. Or run in Tokyo, Boston, Chicago, Berlin or through the Skyscrapers of New York - we're proud to be an Official International Travel Partner for the Abbott World Marathon Majors. So, pack your trainers, shorts and favourite t-shirt and join us on a world of discovery.

World Marathon Majors

The Abbott World Marathon Majors are the World's premier Marathons. With six Marathons forming the Series this is a challenge for those who want to experience an amazing atmosphere in fascinating cities. The Abbott World Marathon Majors include; Tokyo Marathon, London Marathon, Boston Marathon, Berlin Marathon, Chicago Marathon and New York City Marathon With the exception of London, 2:09 Events have guaranteed entry to 5 of the 6 Majors under the International Travel Partner (ITP) arrangements allowing us to sell entry as long as a travel package is taken.

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